Prescription Refill Scheduling in Lubbock, TX

Best Discount Pharmacy aims to make managing your medication as simple as possible. Whether you’ve got a single recurring prescription or need prescription refill scheduling for multiple scripts, we can help. Our specialties include SureMed, Med Sync and deliveries services, extending to all customers in the Lubbock, TX area. Trust us to help you manage your meds with minimal headaches or difficulties.


If you have multiple prescriptions and need to keep track of them in a convenient way, ask us about our SureMed service! This multi-dose medication pill pack service covers a month’s worth of medication, so all you need to do is take whatever’s in the pack for the day. We label each pack with the date for convenience, so you never lose track or forget to take your medication. As the month’s supply nears its end, we can even help keep you on the right refill schedule.

Med Sync

Managing multiple medications can be difficult—especially when they have different refill dates and amounts. Best Discount Pharmacy makes it easy for you to keep track of everything thanks to our Med Sync service! We’ll take your prescriptions and align them on the same schedule, so everything refills at the same time. No more making multiple trips throughout the month to get your refills—we’ll coordinate everything for one simple, hassle-free experience.

Medication Delivery Available

Can’t get out to pick up your medication? We understand our customers may have mobility or schedule restrictions that keep them from getting to our pharmacy. It’s why we deliver medication throughout the Lubbock, TX to ensure patients in need get the medication they rely on. Inquire today when you call to refill your prescription.

We Make Medication Simple

At Best Discount Pharmacy, convenience is our number one mission, whether you’re looking for OTC medication or a gift. We take the hassle and frustration out of coordinating refills, picking up prescriptions and remembering dosages. From our SureMed pill pack service and Med Sync refill programs to medication delivery services in Lubbock, Wolfforth, Idalou, Buffalo Springs, and Shallowater, TX. We’re here to serve you. Contact us today at 806-795-4353 to learn more!

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